Two-way valve UV

The distributor can be applied for conveying wheat, flour, or other porous materials in pipes. The valve is destined to convey the product to its destined location. The flow-direction can be changed either manually, or pneumatically by tilting the valve.



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Gate valves RPTZ

Gate valves are destined to close, or regulate material flow. It is manufactured in manual and pneumatic versions. In case of pneumatic valves the motion of the gate between the positions (open/close) is provided by a pneumatic cylinder. In case of manual valves the motion of the gate between the two positions (open/close) is provided by a winding axis and a wheel. Position sensors report the open and close positions.


Pneumatic valve:


Manual valve:


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Rotary feeder RS

It is used for feeding granular products, flour, powder and other porous materials. The casing can be manufactured of steel, or it can be cast. The rotating part is made of steel.


Steel casing:


Cast casing:


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Control pipe ECS

It is a simple device used to control the pneumatic conveyed products. The control pipe is installed into pipes however it can also be mounted onto various machines by means of flanges.


ECS (control pipe of pneumatic conveying):


KOR (to be installed onto machines with attached pipes):


ZECS (control pipe of Cast iron rotary feeder):


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